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Christian Pilgrimage tours in Nagasaki region

  • Nagasaki / Oura Cathedral


Japanese Christianity has a long history of continuing faith while coexisting with Japanese

Religion Shinto and General society. Japan’s unique practice of the Christian faith

continued even during the ban on Christianity.

A lot of the Christian Pilgrimage sites in Nagasaki regions have been registered on

UNESCO Hidden Christian Sites.


Nagasaki Pilgrimage one-day tour

Nagasaki is a sacred place of Christianity where Pope and Saint Mother

Teresa officially visited.

Where to visit

Sotome Pilgrimage sites : Shitsu Church, Former Shitsu Aid Center, 

Endo Shusaku Literary Museum,

Nagasaki-city : Ground ZeroMartyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan and

Oura Cathedral  


Nagasaki Pilgrimage 3 days tour

Nagasaki-prefecture has arduous and sacrifice histories during the ban

on Christianity, such as Shimabara Rebellion and many religious


Where to visit

Sotome Pilgrimage sites, Nagasaki-city,  Unzen, and Shimabara included

Harajo Castle ruins


Nagasaki Pilgrimage 6 days tour

Introduce how Christians have been continued their faith 

Where to visit

Sotome Pilgrimage sites, Nagasaki-city,  Unzen, Shimabara included

Harajo Castle ruins, Amakusa, and Hirado



History of Japanese Christianity

Christian history in Japan was started when St. Francis Xavier came

to Japan in 1549. Then Christianity was spread in Nagasaki region.

However, unparalleled hidden Cristian History was started from when

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Shogunate proclaimed Christian ban in 1587. During

ban on Christianity, people secretly continued to faith while surviving

in the midst of the conventional society and Japanese religions.


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