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Kurose no Tsuji, martyrdom site of Gaspar Nishi Genka


The site where Christian Gaspar Nishi Genka was martyred in 1609, located on

Kurose Hill overlooking Nakae no shima between Hirado and Ikitsuki.

The tomb facing the sea is called Gaspar-sama and is a revered place for Ikitsuki’s

Hidden Christians.

The cross-shaped “Kurose no Tsuji Martyrdom Monument” was erected by Catholics

in 1991, and Mass is held every year around November 14th.


Gaspar Nishi Genka was the first martyr of Ikitsuki and the father of Thomas Rokuzaemon

Nishi who was one of the 16 Saint of Nagasaki, dedicated in Nakamachi Church in Nagasaki.