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Azaleas at Sensuikyo gorge


Sensuikyo gorge is located at an altitude of approximately 900 m at the northern foot of Mt. Aso.

From there you can see the north side of the caldera and the outer rim of caldera.

At Sensuikyo gorge, approximately 50,000 azaleas called Miyama-kirishima bloom all at once,

painting the area pink.




The first tulips were introduced to Japan in 1863, at the end of the Edo period, when bulbs

were brought back from France by the Shogunate’s mission to Europe.


Photos are taken at Onga River flower park in Nogata, Fukuoka-prefecture 



Sunflower is an annual plant of the Asteraceae family. Sunflowers are flowers that

represent summer. If seeds are sown between April and June, they will germinate

in about a week and bloom between July and September.

Sunflowers are native to western North America, and are said to have been

introduced to Japan in the 17th century.


Rape blossoms


Rape blossoms (Nanohana in Japanese) is a general term for flowers of the

Brassica family.

Rape blossoms are one of the flowers that herald the arrival of spring, and

the yellow flowers spread all over the place are spectacular.

Cherry blossoms


Japanese people have loved cherry blossoms since ancient times.

The blooming of cherry blossoms signals the arrival of beautiful spring.

In 2024, cherry blossoms in Kyushu will bloom from the end of March

to the beginning of April. During that period, you can enjoy cherry blossoms

in most places where you will visit in Kyushu.




Chrysanthemum is a familiar flower to Japanese as the symbol 
of the Imperial Family and a symbol of longevity and rejuvenation. 

The Chrysanthemum exhibition is held annually in autumn from mid October 

to mid November in many shrines, temples and gardens throughout Japan.