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We are the specialist’s for travel and tours in Kyushu, Japan
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Tour leader


Experienced Tour leader escorts your group in accordance with the tour itinerary.


Escort clients, performing meet & greet, assisting clients, regulate and manage the

timing of a group, ensure the presence and involvement of the participants, verify and

confirm facilities and services, provide and explain the travel program, make sure that

the group works in harmony, provide information on the places you intend to visit,

manage any excursions, buy tickets for tourist attractions or means of transport, manage

reservations with restaurants and accommodation facilities, resolve any problems that

may arise during the tour.


So a professional tour leader is not a guide (and cannot therefore provide strictly historical

explanations in the specific places), but can provide general information of any kind, and

give the most complete assistance to customers while staying with you.



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How to book

If you would like to book this Tailor-made tour, all you need to do is make an enquiry 

using our  Enquiry Form  or e-mail at info@japan-kyushu-tourist.com


You can also give us a call at +81-93-521-8897


All of our Tailor-made tours are completely flexible, so if you like what you see here but would

like to make a few changes – where it’s to add in destinations, request special experiences,

upgrade accommodation or plan extra nights.


We will make a quotation in accordance with your conditions of your tour.


please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our expert consultants will help you tailor a trip to

suit you.