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8 days Kyushu tour for Singapore customer


Country of customer : Singapore  

Number of participant : 4 person

Schedule :June 03 to 10, 2023

Transportation : Private vehicle, English speaking driver

Where to visit

  Fukuoka, Kokonoe, Yufuin, Beppu, Aso, Takachiho, Yanagawa, Fukuoka





What our Customer have to say


Dear Masa


Mr Funaki was very professional and friendly. He made the trip very enjoyable

by explaining to us about the places we visited, recommending good places

to eat and interacting well with myself and my family.

He was also very flexible and made good suggestions on how to modify the

itinerary when the weather necessitated it. 

I would highly recommend his service to anyone looking for a private driver

and tour guide.


Kyushu tour for Singapore customer


Country of customer :  Singapore

Number of participant : 14 person

Schedule :May 18 to 25, 2023

Transportation : Chartered bus with 25 seats

Tour guide : English speaking guide

Where to visit

  Kurume, Harazuru, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Yufuin, Kitakyushu, Shimonoseki

  Dazaifu, Fukuoka



What our Customer have to say


Hi Masa,


Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave my family of 14 in

Kyushu where we spend 8 days 7 nights covering Kurume, Nagasaki,

Kumamoto, Yufuin, Kitakyushu and Fufuoka. 


I appreciated your speedy replies and your expert recommendation

to fit our liking of local cuisine and route during the planning of my

customised itinerary that needed to accommodate family members

as old as 80 and young in their 20s.


We love the onsen at beautiful, very calming Harazuru Onsen

Taisenkaku and the sumptuous Kaseiki dinner that was provided. 

As Catholics, we were very pleased that you were flexible to bring

us to the site of Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan and cathedrals

in Nagasaki. 


The Samurai experience at Kumamoto was special. My dad is a

karate expert and always wanted to know more about the samurai

teaching. So when Masa San customized this 2 hours experience

for the 14 of us, it was special. We had the chance to learn the

lai experience. It was fun and we understood the discipline in it.

We also had the opportunity to view the swordsmanship developed

by Musashi Miyamoto and it was fascinating.



This itinerary item is something not found nor accommodated by

any other tour agency itineraries and I am very glad Masa San took

the trouble to make this happen for us. 


Our English tour guide Fumiko San was passionate in her work and

very detailed in her care / service for us. The driver was very

experienced and knowledgeable. We felt very safe in his driving.

He also detoured along the way to bring us to pit stops and allowed

to savour the sweetest and freshest corn and strawberries.


I will highly recommend Japan Kyushu Tourist agency to all that

want a unique experience of Kyushu with people that knows and

are Kyushu residents.


10 days Christian Pilgrimage tour for Singapore customer


Country of customer :  Singapore

Tour title In the footstep of St Francis Xavier

Number of participant : 42 person included Priest

Schedule :May 23 to June 01, 2023

Transportation : Chartered bus with 49 seats

Tour guide : English speaking guide and tour attendant





What our Customer have to say


Hi Masa-san,

Generally, the tour went well. We will plan for another trip, but will make sure

we should not have more than 35 pax in total. It would be good if you could

help arrange for a visit to a house of a hidden Christian when we are

in Amakusa.


Kyushu tour for Singapore customer


Country of customer :  Singapore

Number of participant : 10 person

Schedule : May 13 to 20, 2023

Transportation : Chartered bus

Tour guide : English speaking guide

Where to visit 

  Yame, Beppu, Yufuin, Takachiho, Aso, Kumamoto, Yanagawa, Fukuoka




What our Customer have to say


Dear Masa,


My family and I would like to express our great gratitude to you

and your team for the thoughtful itinerary that was planned for

our recent trip to Kyushu. Thank you very much for the wonderful

meals and accommodation that were arranged for us, and for the

different arrangements made so that my grandparents could enjoy



We would also like to commend the great service by both

Mr Shunji san and the driver. They were both very kind, patient

and helpful throughout the trip. The great effort they took to

care for my grandfather was also something that we really

appreciate a lot. 

Thank you once again for helping us to make this family trip

with our grandparents possible. It has truly been a very memorable

and enjoyable experience for my whole family. We would be

honoured to give our highest recommendation to any of our

friends/family who are interested in visiting Kyushu. 

We wish you and your team all the best. Have a great summer! 


Many thanks,

Yu Ying & family 


Wonderful Kyushu Trip for Canadian customer


Country of customer :  Canada

Number of participant : 6 person

Schedule :March 15 to 29, 2023

Transportation : Private vehicle with 9 seats,  

Tour guide : English speaking driver  

Where to visit

  Nagasaki, Shimabara, Unzen, Kumamoto, Ibusuki, Kagoshima

  Miyazaki, Aso, Beppu, Yanagawa, Fukuoka





What our Customer have to say


Dear Masa,

We would like to express our appreciation to Ken about his

kindness, gentleness and sincerity throughout our trip.

Having Ken being our tour guide, chauffeur, translator who provided

us a safe and enjoyable trip during our visit in 九洲 Kyushu in March


He was a germ to all of us.
As we all know, weather, sometimes, is not predicted!
While we were in the Kyushu area, we did not have good weather!

One morning, we went to the  strawberries greenhouse!

At first we were wondering why this happened!

While we were in the greenhouse area, the moment we stepped into it,

we heard the thunder and it started raining hard! During our stay in the

greenhouse; it rained really hard outside! We all enjoyed picking

strawberries and tasted different kinds of strawberries! When we were

done and stepped out from the greenhouse, miraculously,

the rain stopped! During that period of time, we did not get wet at all,

full credit to you! You reviewed the weather forecast ahead of time and

made the proper adjustments to ensure we enjoyed our trip at all times!

Japan is a country we always want to visit again and again!

And Ken gave us another reason to visit again! 


Applause to Ken who did a really great job!👏👏


Gregory & Heidi Group


Kyushu tour from for Singapore customer


Country of customer : Singapore  

Number of participant : 4 person

Schedule :December 3 to 10, 2022

Transportation : Private vehicle, English speaking driver

Where to visit

 Beppu, Yufuin, Aso, Fukuoka



What our Customer have to say




My family had a good time in Fukuoka and we would like to thank you and Ken for this memorable trip for us.

Here’s wishing you and everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Hope to visit Fukuoka soon 😊



Lena Tang (Ms)


The first tour after COVID-19


Customer ;  2person from Singapore

Schedue : Sep. 29 to Oct. 13, 2022

Transportation : Private vihecle and JR train





What our Customer have to say


Hi Masa, thanks for your services in Japan,

We had a great time there. Now we are back home in Singapore.


Takachiho one-day tour for Singapore customer


Country of customer :  Singapore

Number of participant : 7 persons

Schedule : January 28, 2020

Transportation : Private vehicle with English speaking driver




What our Customer have to say


We would like to give our thanks to Japan KYUSHU Tourist for making our day trip to Takachiho

Gorge a very enjoyable experience. We were searching for a local tour agency that is able to

cater for our family of 7 and was having quite a hard time searching for one that provided transport

directly from Fukuoka City to Takachiho Gorge. Most of the agencies provided day tours from a train

station that was a long distance out of Fukuoka City. We finally found a possible option with

Japan KYUSHU Tourist and it was our first time hearing about them.

While it seems a little more uncertain to pick an agent that we are not familiar with, we were

pleasantly surprised by how the day trip turned out. 


We were first greeted by Takako-Hinami san at the hotel lobby who assured us that our taxi and guide

for the day was ready in wait before our meeting time. Prior to the trip, she was also the one who

helped us make the arrangements via email and was prompt in the replies to the many questions we

had. She also ensured that we were introduced to our guide and driver, Bruce, and waited until we

boarded our transport before she made her way back. 


Bruce was great as well! He was able to speak very clearly in English so we had no problem

communicating throughout the journey. With his great driving skills, we were all comfortable in his

9-seater bus and were even able to take naps in between the long drives. We were very appreciative

when he handed us the itinerary as well as a location brochure, each neatly organised into folders

for us. He was very patient with us and also went the extra mile to allow us to visit some other sites

along the way back as we were keen to give the shrines a miss due to the cloudy weathers that 

were indicative that the rain was coming. 


Overall, we really had a very good time and the day tour was one of our best days travelling out of

Fukuoka City. Highly recommended especially if you are looking for an all driven comfortable tour

from your hotel doorstep! Would also recommend it to travelling groups and families for their

excellent fuss free service on the ground.  

Thank you once again! 


11 days Kyushu tour for Singapore customer


Country of customer : Singapore

Number of participants: 5 persons

Schedule : Dec 8 through Dec 18, 2019

Transportation : Private vehicle 

Guide: English speaking driver




What our Customer have to say


Thank you for your kind arrangement on the itinerary which is flexible and allow us time

to sightsee and to rest. All the hotel rooms are spacious enough for our needs and near to

each other. The pace is just right for us with enough time for onsen and relax. We are also glad

to have airport transfers both ways arranged, as we have many luggages.

Mr Bruce Ko, our driver was patient to us and provide excellent explanation on Atomic Bomb

museum and other attractions, catering to my mother in Mandarin. After we expressed interest

to see a mushroom farm, Bruce brought us to a farm and translated from the farm guide on the

growing and production of mushrooms. My mother and daughter enjoyed learning about the

process. Bruce took very good care of us during the trip.


Lunch (especially Unagi lunch) and dinner options are fantastic and thank you for taking care of

our dietary restrictions and made sure in advance that the raw items and beef items are excluded

accordingly for my mother and Kah Fook.


Feedback from one of participant is

1) Bruce (our driver) is good and attentive to our needs.

2) Agency/Bruce also recommended good local lunch options

3)Just to add that we learned a lot from the visit of mushroom farm on 10 Dec.

It is an educational experience for us. This is a good item to propose to your clients.

4)We also visited an area near Mount Aso where some houses are partly buried by volcano.

It was an eye opener for us as this is the first time we see the effects of volcano eruption.

5)We enjoyed the Yanagawa boat ride with the singing of folk song. Not so much  of the

Takachiho boat ride as we have to peddle ourselves.


Overall, we had an enjoyable trip and would recommend your agency to other friends who are

keen to visit Kyushu.


Merry Christmas and wishing you a great New Year ahead!

5 days Kyushu tour for Malaysian customer


Country of customer : Malaysia

Number of participant: 4persons

Schedule : Nov 2 to Nov 6, 2019

Transportation : Private vehicle with English speaking driver

Where to visit : Fukuoka, Takachiho, Aso, Yufuin, Beppu, Ukiha





What our cusromer have to say


Our family of four recently engaged the service of Japan-Kyushu-tourist to show us around

Kyushu region. From the first enquiry Mr Masa Kondo and subsequently follow-up by

Ms Takako Hanami were very responsive and prompt in their email correspondence.

They have good suggestions for places to visit as well as restaurants that served local cuisines.

Since it’s a private tour we can dictate what we want to see and the length of stay at each attraction.

This made it very flexible and suited our style of travel. We take as long as we wanted wandering,

taking in the sights and many photo opportunities. The vehicle they arranged was top-notch with

plenty of room for comfort.


As for Mr Ko we cannot say enough good things about him. He is a careful driver who accompanied

us for five full days exploring Kyushu. His service is outstanding, professional, helpful, and courteous.

He is very punctual in picking us every morning. He is also very knowledgeable about the region of

Kyushu and respond to our questions promptly. The vehicle was kept clean and comfortable

throughout our trip.


Overall we had an enjoyable trip and it made it more so with a good driver/escort who is passionate

about his job. We would highly recommend japan-Kyushu-tourist and Mr Ko’s service to anyone

who is looking for a private tour in Kyushu.