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Technical meeting Excursion for Chinese customer


Customer : Chinese Engineer who visited JASTEC Super Conductor as Technical meeting

Participant : 22 person

Schedule : November 22, 2018

Where to visit : Kitakyushu-city

Tour guide : Chinese speaking guide

Theme of Study Tour

  Japanese industries that had been delayed about 200 years from the Western

  countries before the Meiji Restoration

  Explain how it became the world’s most industrialized nation in the next 100 years.






9:00  leave at Hotel 1-2-3

Mt. Sarakura

     Cable Car leave and catch Slope Car

     Introduction of Kitakyushu from the summit

     leave Slope Car and catch 10:40 Cable Car

Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

Lunch   La Mer Miyabi : Seafood

TOTO Museum

             From the birth of TOTO,the way to the world’s best

Mojiko Retro Sightseeing

Walking Kanmon Pedestrian tunnel to Mimosuso-kawa Park in Shimonoseki

From Shimonoseki back to Kokura via Kanmon Bridge

17:15  Arrive at Hotel 1-2-3


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