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Hirado Castle


Stands on a hill guarding Hirado Port and the Hirado Strait, which used to be part of an

important trade route between Japan and the Asian mainland. The original fortress was

built in 1599 by the local Matsura Lord; however, he destroyed the structure after fighting

the Tokugawa on the losing side of the Battle of Sekigahara as a gesture of loyalty to the

victor. The Matsura Clan continued ruling Hirado for the next two and a half centuries.

A new castle, also known as Kameoka Castle was built on the site a hundred years

later in 1718 as part of the coastal defences erected during Japan’s self imposed seclusio

in the Edo Period. This structure stood for over 150 years, but eventually fell into disrepair

and was dismantled during the Meiji Period.

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