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Japan reopen to international tourist


Japan has started accepting foreign tourists (note 1) through Package tours (note 2) with

Tour attendant (note 3 ) who is responsible for accepting Travel Agencies (note 4 ) from

June 10, 2022.

Japan requests foreign tourists to comply with the contents of the “Guidelines for Accepting

Foreign Tourists”, including wearing masks.


note 1 : Limited to foreign tourists entering from countries / regions in the “blue” category.


note 2 : The tour is to be carried out according to a itinerary, and the Tour attendant accompany

and manage the process throughout the tour from entry to departure.


note 3 : Not limited to the itinerary manager stipulated the Travel Business Law, but also those

who are responsible for infection control measures and emergency response under the control of

the person in charge of acceptance.


note 4 : Travel Agency stipulated in Travel Business Law



Procedures for entering the country for sightseeing purposes

For new arrivals for sightseeing purposes, it is necessary for a Travel Agency located in Japan to be

the person in charge of acceptance and perform the following ERFS system application.

Travel Agency applies ERFS system and issues the Certificate of ERFS.

Travelers submit their certificate to the embassy and apply for a Visa


Our company, Jappan KUSHU Tourist can help your tour as the responsible company from

starting ERFS system application.


If you have a plan to visit Kyushu, please contact us.



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