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Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution registered on World Heritage in 2015


Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution sites registered on UNESCO World Heritafe in 2015

Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining are a group of historic sites that played

an important part in the industrialization of Japan in the Bakumatsu during National

isolation period and Meiji periods, and are part of the industrial heritage of Japan.

The UNESCO World Heritages consist of eight areas with thirty component sites located

throughout Japan from Northern part Tohoku to Kyushu.

Kyushu has 5 areas with 16 sites as follows;

Kitakyushu : 4 sites for Iron and Steel

・Miike (Omuta, Arao and Misumi)  : 3 sites for Coal Mining

Saga : 1 site for Shipbuilding

Nagasaki : 5 sites for Shipbuilding and Coal Mining

Kagoshima : 3 sites for Iron and Steel

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