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Kyushu Pilgrimage tour from April 19


Country of customer :  USA, Korean American Catholic pilgrims

Number of participant : 23 persons

Schedule : April 19 to 22, 2023

Transportation : Chartered bus with 45 seats

Tour guide : English speaking guide






Day 1, April 19, Hirado

  Arrive at Fukuoka

  Exploring Hirado

    Visit St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church

  Stay in Hirado


Day 2, April 20, Sotome, Shimabara and Unzen

  Visit Sotome, Shitsu Catholic Church

  Visit Haraju castle ruin, Shimabara Rebellion site

  Exploring Unzen, Unzen jigoku

  Stay Unzen


Day 3, April 21, Nagasaki

  Exploring Nagasaki

  Martyrdom of 26 saints of Japan, Oura Cathedral, Peace Park

  Stay in Fukuoka


Day 4, April 22

  Exploring Fukuoka

  Return to USA


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