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Nokonoshima Island, in Fukuoka-city


Nokonoshimain the middle of Hakata Bay Beautiful flowers can be enjoyable throughout

the year. Rapeseed blossom, Cherry blossom, Livingstone daisy Poppy, Rhododendro,

Marigold, Hydrengea, Plumed cockscomb, Dahlia, Sunflower, Cockspur coral tree 

Bougainvillea, Scarlet sage, Cosmos, Dahlia, Autumn leaves, Scarlet sage, Japanese

narcissus, Japanese camellia, Plum.

The breath taking panoramic view of the Hakata Bay can also be enjoyed.

Restaurant Sakimon, Barbecue house, Retro Shop Omoideya Shop Shimaya, Art Gallery

Warabekan, Gift Shop.

A 10 minutes ride the ferry from Meinohama part to Nokonoshima island port, and then a
13 minute ride the Nishitetsu bus from Nokonoshima island port to Island Park. 

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