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One-day tours for USA customer


Country of customer :  USA

Number of participant : 4 person  

Schedule : April 18 and 20, 2019

Transportation : the chartered taxi with English speaking driver

Tour guide  : English speaking driver



What our Customer have to say

It was great meeting this morning and Mr. Maeda was an excellent driver/guide. He spoke some

Cantonese, which made our trip so much more pleasant! I don’t know if this is possible, but we will

like to request having Mr. Maeda as our driver again for our Saturday trip to Wisteria Garden

if possible! I know it is a bit late but since all my uncle and aunts really like him, I will like to at least

try to request him again!


I requested your driver tomorrow Mr. Maeda and taxi company accepted.  So, tommorow’s your

driver is Mr Maeda again.


We had a wonderful time, and Mr. Maeda was a wonderful driver/guide!

 - ● What our Customers have to say