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Why travel in Kyushu with us ?


History to establish the Company

I am Masa Kondo who is founder and managing director .

I was born and grew up in Nagasaki-prefecture where one of the

most fascinating tourist destination in Kyushu and worked in Nippon 

Steel which is the leading Steel making company in the world. and

worked in many countries such as Argentina, Brazil, USA, Finland

and South Africa.


During staying in overseas countries, by travelling many places and had various

exciting experiences, I became love to travel.

And also, I have discovered and realized two different aspects while comparing

Japan and oversea country. Japan is surrounded by sea and was isolated except

for some countries until the Edo period when March Perry came to Japan in 1853. 

Therefore Japanese own and unique cultures had been created. Japan has many

fascinating aspects. However on the other hand, there are many different things

from other countries. One of aspect, since Japanese people have rarely contact

foreigners until then, they have become a national character that is not good at

communicating with foreigners. Sometimes, such national character become a

problem of their comfortable stay in Japan, despite have warm welcome heart.


Based on those experiences, I established this Travel Company in 2008 to

assist foreigners traveling in Kyushu and make them feel more welcome.


About Kyushu

Kyushu is one of main Island in Japan, and is located in the southwest of Japanese

archipelago. It is comprised of 7 prefectures, The size of land is 330km from north to

south (Fukuoka-prefecture to Kagoshima-prefecture) and 240km from east to west

(Oita-prefecture to Nagasaki-prefecture)

Kyushu is a paradise on earth for travellers.

In the island, there are many tourist resources which you never experienced

before. The fascinations of each local region have been created by nature,

lifestyle and other cultures. In the island, there are many fascinating local regions

where have plenty of tourist resources which you never experienced before.

A lot of hidden gems of each local region have been created by nature, lifestyle

and other cultures. 



Concept of Our tour

The travel is not hop the famous tourist attractions.

Our concept of travel is that the worth to travel is to have experience of each region

during the journey. You will experience various feelings such as excitement, relaxation,

healing, peacefulness and tranquility in the different areas of travel.

You can also enjoy plenty of things can be enjoyed even while travelling from town to

town, such as scenery never seen before, cuisines never eaten, Japanese culture

and other experiences. 



Customized tour

When designing customized tour, we take into consideration the diversity of travellers

from around the world, We understand that our customers have different preferences

and expectation.  We have extensive local expertise on Kyushu, and out customized

tour is travelling on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the date & 

duration of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and free time activities. 

Our itinerary is suitable for everyone.

1) Route design   

This is the core of any itinerary. By using sample itinerary, we will work closely with you 

and your list of place to visit, while also giving input to refine it.  We will then create an 

outline with the planned destinations and number of days/nights to stay in each.

2) Accommodation and rooming

Those are important for any pleasant travel. We will give you a selection of hotels or

Ryokan that we believe match your needs. We will also give detail information for choosing

suitable accommodation such as location, meals, Onsen, facilities as well as services with

homely atmosphere. You will review the options and tell us if you like them, or if you would

like a different selection. 

3) Meal planning

This is one of important issue requires a lot of attentions. We will refer to your preferences,

including the type of cuisines, frequently of meals, allergies and restrictions, and design each 

day’s outline based on the above information.

4) Transportation

The private vehicle is utilized such as taxi and bus that provide travel safety and security

5) Activities

The experience of activities are one of enjoyable things for making unforgettable journey.

We will give alternative. and suggestions. 

6) Fine-tuning and adjustment

The attractions and sightseeing spots will be optimally places in the schedule to make

the most out of the budget and route. This is the final check before the program is 

considered ready to be arranged and executed.



We are always striving to exceed expectations for your satisfaction.



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