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Society of Edo period from 1603


The Edo period began in 1603 by Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu who won the Battle

of Sekigahara and lasted for 260 years until 1868.

The Tokugawa shogun granted territory to feudal lords throughout Japan and  

controlled from Edo (current Tokyo).

The Tokugawa shogunate established many rules to prevent civil wars among feudal

lords and maintain a stable government.

Samurai laws; feudal lords were prohibited from repairing their castles or getting married

without permission from the shogunate.

Sankin Kotai : the party of feudal lords should visit Edo with own expense every two

years for preventing rebellion.

Establishment of Class system : classify samurai, farmer and merchant  

Ban on Christianity

The emperor became a symbol of traditional authority, delegating government to

the shogun.

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