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Study tour for Singapore students


Customer : SERANGOON Junior College Students

Participant :  38 persons ( 33 students, 4 teachers, 1 tour leader )

Schedule : June 05 to 11, 2018

Where to visit :  Nagasaki, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Dazaifu

Tour guide and interpretor ; Masa Kondo, Japan KYUSHU Tourist

Theme of Study Tour

  Learning of World peace, Geography, Environment and industry  


What our Customer have to say

Thank you very much for providing a very good service by you and your company during

our school trip to Kyushu. Our students are very happy and have enjoyed themselves

while in Kyushu. They  have learned a lot about its geography, history, culture and industry.

Also send our warm regards to Miss Akiko for being our guide.

Wish you good health and happiness.


 - ● What our Customers have to say