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Tensho youth mission to Europe in 1582


In 1582, four youth boarded a ship bound for Europe at Nagasaki Port.

They were dispatched as representatives of Japanese Christian federal lords,

and departed with Alessandro Valignano who was Jesuit missionary who

planned the Youth mission.  

Four youth were Ito Mansho Ito, Chijiwa Miguel, Hara Martino, Nakaura Julian

who were around 13 years old.



The purpose of the mission is to show the four people who studied at Arima

Seminario about Europe and to convey the greatness of Europe to the

Japanese people.

By introducing the boy raised by the Jesuits to Europe, the mission was to

highlight the achievements of Japan’s missionary work and gain support from

the Pope and the King of Portugal.


Two years and six months after leaving Nagasaki, they finally arrived in Europe.

He first had an audience with Philip II at Rispon, and was subsequently welcomed

in various places.

On March 23, 1585, Japan had an audience with the Pope and made its grand d

ebut on the world stage. After that, they also visited various parts of Italy.


When they returned to Nagasaki in 1590, Christianity was being prohibited.

Therefore, their achievements were suppressed due to the ban on Christianity.

It was not until 1858, when religious freedom was recognized, that their activities

were evaluated.


 - ● History of Japanese Christianity