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What our Customers have to say


Itoshima one-day tour for Canadian Customer

Number of participant : 8 person (adults) 

Schedule : July 1st, 2019

Transportation : Jumbo taxi with English speaking driver


What our Customer have to say

Hello Masa, our family is very pleased with our guide.

He is excellent, very helpful guide giving us a lot of information and a very good driver.

For sure, we will recommend this tour to our friends if they go to Kyushu Prefecture.

And if we need further tour in the future, we surely contact you.

Thank you and have a nice evening.



8 days Christian Pilgrimage tour for Hong Kong Customer

Number of participant : 6 person  

Schedule : April 18 through 26, 2019

Transportation : chartered Jumbo taxi

Tour guide : English speaking guide

Where to visit

  Nagasaki, Sotome, Goto Island, Shimabara, Unzen, Amakusa, Hirado, Fukuoka


What our Customer have to say

Hope you have a restful holiday upon the emerging new era “令和”.

“What a friend we have in Jesus” –

This is the name of the hymn we hummed together at the Amakusa Cathedral. I vividly remember

how comforting and tranquil it was at that very moment. Our spirits crossed path. May Jesus Christ

be your best friend who guides you, walks with you, and gives you His abundance grace every

moment of your life.

During the week, you led us to walk through the history where we saw great sorrows and

perseverance of brothers and sisters who lived in the dark hours of Christianity. We shall pray hard

that the love of God flourishes and continues to bestow the old and the young of this very special

country. Your testimony of World War II was striking and pounding on our hearts. It was an

unexpectedly surprise that we could visit the very spot where you eye witnessed the scene of the

atomic bombing. To us, this was an encounter beyond compare.

We could not find words to express our thanks and gratitude to your professionalism, kindness

and patience in the past 7-day trip. All these will stay in our hearts for years to come. Your passion

to work, vast knowledge about Nagasaki and your ways to embrace life have shown us what to be

meant by staying young. Your sincerity and caring for us during the trip made us feel like at home.

Hope you would continue to practice the “arm circulating exercise” that you learned in the trip and

have milk in every meal, stay young and healthy!

Wishing you and your family the best of all, great health and happiness, and a new spirit at the

turning of a new era.

Last but not the least, a big thank you!



3 days Christian Pilgrimage tour for England Customer

Number of participant : 2 person  

Schedule : April 25 through 27, 2019

Transportation : Chartered taxi

Tour guide & conductor : Licensed English speaking guide

Where to visit

  Nagasaki, Unzen, Shimabara


What our Customer have to say

The tour was good thank you. My mother was happy to see a different side of Japan, see the

countryside and connect with Christian history here. 

As per the tour you kindly arranged, we are staying at Hakata tonight, and then flying back to

Tokyo tomorrow!




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