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Study tour reference


Study tour reference Up to now, the following wide range of Study tours have been fulfilled     Field trip for …

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IUJ Study tour in Nagasaki in May

  Study Tour Results, Tour Results

International University of Japan    Studu tour in Nagasaki   Date : May 25 through 27, 2018 Participant : 13 stude …

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JR Hakata Station

  Hakata Station is a major railway station in Fukuoka-city, Japan. It is the largest and busiest station in Kyushu …

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Environmental technologies tour

  Kitakyushu is offering various Environmental technologies.   Kitakyushu-city, once known as a “town of pollu …

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  Sakura-jima in Kagoshima Prefecture is an active strato volcano with three peaks, Kita-dake, Naka-dake and still  …



  Onsen Resort, Kyushu Travel Guide

  Hitoyoshi is located in the northern part of Kumamoto along Kuma-gawa River. Hitoyoshi is a castle town once prosperou …



  Senganen is the most famous garden in Kagoshima-ken, made by Shimazu lord in the 19th century at the beautiful ba …


Sakura-jima ferry

  Sakura-jima Ferry connects Kagoshima-city and Sakurajima in 15 minutes and is operated for 24 hours. ・Fare for a …

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Amano Iwato Shrine

  Amano Iwato Shrine  Takachiho is the site of one of the best known legends of Japanese mythology. In the story, A …

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Takachiho shrine

  Takachiho Shrine is located just west of the town center, is nestled in a grove of tall cedars. During the day th …

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