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Kyushu Travel Guide

Hollander Slope

  Hollander slopes of a stone pavement at the Higashi-yamate district where European people walked along the slope  …

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Festivals & Events in Kyushu

  Festivals & Events, About Japan

  Tamaseseri / wooden ball catching festival   Fukuoka, January New Year’s Festival held in January, at Hakoz …

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Nita pass

  Unzen tourist attractions

  Nita pass is one of the best scenic spot in Unzen   At any time of the year the natural scenery of Nita Pass …

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Fukuoka Tour

  Our Services

We are a Travel Agent in Fukuoka, and are the specialist of Kyushu travel    We are offering the Customized Tours s …

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2 days Hiroshima & Miyajima tour

  Exploring the World Heritages   Hiroshima is located in southwestern part of the Japanese archipelago and fa …

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