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Marinoa City Fukuoka

  Marinoa City Fukuoka The urban living area where you can enjoy a resort lifestyle full of fun and entertainment. …

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Atomic Bomb Museum

  Atomic Bomb Museum opened in Nagasaki Peace Park in 1996 as part of the 50th anniversary project for the Nagasaki …

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Ruins of Urakami Cathedral

  Ruins of Urakami Cathedral When you look to the right facing the Ground zero Monument see a sectionof damaged brick wa …

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Monument of the Child Praying for Peace

  Monument of the Child Praying for Peace At the bottom of the steps leading down from the front of the Nagasaki At …

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Industrial Heritage tour in Kitakyushu

  The tour offers how Japan became the world’s leading Industrial country. In 1901, Japanese modern steel industry …

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