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  広徳校区環境衛生協会の皆様の東峰村・朝倉・うきは研修ツアーを実施しました。   目的は、昨年7月の集中豪雨災害の状況を直接東峰村の現地で学び、 更には江戸時代造られ今も尚利用されている、朝倉の山田堰と三連水車で 地球 …


Japan’s KAIZEN Strategy

  KAIZEN is one of the most important key word for Japan’s modernization and world leading industries.   KAIZE …

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Oura Cathedral

  Oura Cathedral is one of the famous landmarks in Nagasaki-cityy, was built in 1865  under the supervision of the …

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Urakami Cathedral

  Construction of the original Urakami Cathedral, a brick Romanesque building, began in 1895, after a long-standing …

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Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan

  Nishizaka Hill in Nagasaki reminds us of the Martyrdom of 26 Japanese Saints. Their long trek to the Cross, verif …

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Nagasaki China town

  Nagasaki China town at shinchi is one of the big three china town in Japan. There are about 50 Chinese restaurant …

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