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Kyushu Travel Guide

Expriences in Kitakyushu

  Under Construction   Japanese Cultural experiences Time to enjoy dressing in kimono tea ceremony experience, …

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Environmental Business in Kitakyushu-city

  The city is the world’s leading environmental future city after overcoming serious environmental pollution while …

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Manufacturing company visit in Kitakyushu-city

  The city of Kitakyushu is the birthplace of the modern Japanese steel industry which began operation in 1901, and …

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Industrial Heritages in Kitakyushu-city

  The industrial innovation city where a lot of Japan’s Industries were born and Japan’s industrial modernization h …

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Unzen trekking

  Unzen tourist attractions, Blog

  Unzen is a beautiful highland Onsen Resort situated Unzen National Park    Unzen was the first area to be de …

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Mount Unzen

  Symbol of Shimabara peninsula, Mount Unzen   Located at the centre of Shimabara peninsula, in Nagasaki-prefe …

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Sujiyu Onsen

  A tranquil Onsen Resort at Waita mountain foot of 1000 metre altitude    The Resort is located in Kokonoe, O …

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Yame Central Tea Plantation

  The country of Green Tea, Yame   The Green Tea grown in Yame is one of the highest grade of tea throughout J …

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Takeo & Arita & Imari

  Takeo   The Onsen resort, has 1200 years history Takeo is located in the western part of Saga-prefecture. Th …

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Karatsu & Yobuko

  Karatsu and Yobuko, located on the Higashi Matsuura Peninsula in the northwestern part of Saga-prefecture, have b …

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