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Kyushu Travel Guide

Chikugo Yoshii and Yanagawa Hinadoll festival tour

  The Hinadoll Festival is a traditional Japanese event    that announces the arrival of spring.   The tour ta …

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Chikugo Yoshii Hinadoll Festival in 2019

Hina matsuri, also called Doll’s Festival or Girls’ Day, is a special day in Japan. Celebrated each year on …

Chikugo Yoshii Hinadoll Festival in 2019…の続きを読む

Yanagawa Sagemon Festival in 2019

  Yanagawa Sagemon Festival is one of the most beautiful and very unique Japanese traditional Festival in Kyushu. & …

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Miyazaki & Nichinan travel guide

  Miyazaki & Nichinan are facing the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful coastline contains placed of natural beauty …

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Hyuga travel guide

  Spectacle art collection of exposed Rocks created by raging wave   Hyuga is a bay city, facing the Hyuga nad …

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Ibusuki travel guide

  Ibusuki and surrounded araa Satsuma peninsula extends about 50 kilometers south from Kagoshima-city, making up th …

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Kyushu Travel Guide

  Japan KYUSHU Tourist is the specialist of Fukuoka and Kyushu tours.   ​Kyushu is the destination like a Trea …

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