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Kyushu Travel Guide

Sakurano-baba Josaien

  Josaien is located in Sakurano-baba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan’s three major castles. It is a …

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Privacy Policy

  Privacy Policy

  Your privacy is very important to us at Japan KYUSHU Tourist.   It is one of our top priorities to always pr …

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Terms and Conditions

  Terms and Conditions

  Please read carefully The purchase of any travel services offered by Japan KYUSHU Tourist constitutes a contractu …

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Ukiha and Yanagawa one-day tour

  Exploring the two most featured destinations in southern part of Fukuoka-prefecture. Ukiha Located in the Chikugo …

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Aso & Takachiho / Dynamic nature 2 days tour

  The dynamic nature of Aso including Takachiho area is located in the center of Kyushu and is spreading around Mou …

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Amakusa / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 2 days tour

  Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region  has been registered on  UNESCO World Heritage in 2018   Japan …

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Kitakyushu / UNESCO Industry Revolution one-day tour

  Kitakyushu-city is the birth place of Steel Making Industry in Japan and contributed greatly to the development o …

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Takachiho one-day tour

  Takachiho offers dynamic and beautiful Takachiho Gorge and here is the birthplace of Japanese mythology   Ta …

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Nagasaki / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites one-day tour

  Japanese Christianity has a long history of continuing faith while coexisting with Japanese traditional religion …

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Nagasaki / UNESCO Industrial modernization one-day tour

  The origin of Japan’s modernization is here Under the growing sense of crisis over a foreign menace, Nagasaki sup …

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