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Kyushu Travel Guide

One-day tours for USA customer

  Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour Country of customer : USA Number of participant : 3 person Schedule : April 2 …

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Gunkan-jima island Cruise

  Hashima Coal Mine / Gunkan-jima Island The cruise ship take you exploring Tachibana bay from Nagasaki port and la …

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Nagasaki UNESCO World Heritage / Industrial Revolution

  The origin of Japan’s modernization is here Under the growing sense of crisis over a foreign menace, Nagasaki sup …

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Sotome area Hidden Christian Site

  Hidden Christian Sites has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Sotome area Hidden Christian Site The mis …

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Peace Fountain at Nagasaki Peace Park

  Peace Fountain reminds us of the tragic scene unfolded shortly after America dropped the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki …

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Atomic Bomb Museum

  Atomic Bomb Museum opened in Nagasaki Peace Park in 1996 as part of the 50th anniversary project for the Nagasaki …

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Urakami Cathedral

  Construction of the original Urakami Cathedral, a brick Romanesque building, began in 1895, after a long-standing …

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Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan

  Nishizaka Hill in Nagasaki reminds us of the Martyrdom of 26 Japanese Saints. Their long trek to the Cross, verif …

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Confucius Shrine

  The world’s only Confucian shrine built outside China by Chinese hands First built in 1893 by Chinese residents o …

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Ground Zero

  Disastrous War must not be repeated. The plutonium atomic bomb exploded about 500m over the central monument at 1 …

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