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Kyushu Travel Guide

Nagasaki UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 6 days tour

  Congratulations on UNESCO’s World Heritage registration Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region   Japa …

Nagasaki UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 6…の続きを読む

8 days Kyushu tour for Filipino customer

  Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour Country of customer :  Philippines Number of participant : 4 person Schedule …

8 days Kyushu tour for Filipino customer…の続きを読む

Low Carbon Sosiety tour

  Kitakyushu-city is promoting the low carbon society in Asia while taking leadership as the Environmental Future C …

Low Carbon Sosiety tour…の続きを読む

Solid waste management & Recycling tour

  Japan is a global leader in the development and application of environmental policy in the waste sector and Kitak …

Solid waste management & Recycling tour…の続きを読む

Aso & Takachiho 2 days tour

  The dynamic nature of Aso including Takachiho area is located in the center of Kyushu and is spreading around Mou …

Aso & Takachiho 2 days tour…の続きを読む

Takachiho one-day tour

  Takachiho offers dynamic and beautiful Takachiho Gorge and here is the birthplace of Shinto which is Japanese ind …

Takachiho one-day tour…の続きを読む

Nagasaki / UNESCO Industrial modernization one-day tour

  The origin of Japan’s modernization is here.   Under the growing sense of crisis over a foreign menace, Naga …

Nagasaki / UNESCO Industrial modernizati…の続きを読む

Yufuin & Beppu Onsen 2 days tour

  The tour takes the most recommended Onsen Resorts are Beppu and Yufuin. Two Onsen Resorts are located in Oita-pre …

Yufuin & Beppu Onsen 2 days tour…の続きを読む

Steamed Eel in Yanagawa

  Yanagawa is the birthplace of Steamed Eel   The most recommended local cuisine is Steamed Eel that was born …

Steamed Eel in Yanagawa…の続きを読む

Myoban Onsen

  Beppu travel guide, Beppu tour, Blog

  Onsen Resort where Alum is being collected. The Onsen Resort town where the Yunohana or Alum have been collected …

Myoban Onsen…の続きを読む