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Kyushu Travel Guide in Japan

8 days Kyushu tour for Filipino customer

  Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour Country of customer :  Philippines Number of participant : 4 person Schedule …

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Our Services

  Our Services

  Japan KYUSHU Tourist is the Specialist of Fukuoka and Kyushu tours   We offers various types of customized privat …

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Steamed Eel in Yanagawa

  Yanagawa is the birthplace of Steamed Eel   The most recommended local cuisine is Steamed Eel that was born …

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Myoban Onsen

  Beppu travel guide, Beppu tour, Blog

  Onsen Resort where Alum is being collected. The Onsen Resort town where the Yunohana or Alum have been collected …

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Oe Cathedral Amakusa

  The oldest Catholic Church in Amakusa and was one of the first churches built right after the ban on Christianity …

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Nippon Steel

  The leading company contributing to society through the Steel making business Japan’s first modern steel making c …

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Hinoe Castle Ruins

  During the period of the Southern and Northern Courts (1337-92), the Arima family ruling the Shimabara Peninsula …

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Megane-bashi bridge

  The oldest stone arch bridge in Japan.   Meganebashi or Spectacles Bridge, over the Nakashima River was buil …

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STEM Education field / museums and learning facilities

  Fukuoka-prefecture including Kitakyushu-city have various kind of Museums and facilities and a lot of things can …

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Mifuneyama-rakuen Garden

  Beautiful Japanese Garden, located in the southwestern foot of Mifuneyama   Construction of the garden took …

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