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Space World

Space World is the only amusement park in the World based around 
the theme of space, and was established under a licensing agreement 
with the US Space Camp Foundation in 1990. 


There is a full line-up of attractions to suit anyone and everyone;
From families, thrill seekers, fun lovers  to couples. Anyone who wants to enjoy
space oriented  experiences and ettractions, thrill & adventure oriented attractions,
water attractions as well as attractions for the  family & kids.

How to get there
From Kokura station, take a JR local train on the Kagoshima line to Space World 
station (13minutes).
Then a 10 minute walk from JR Space World Station.

4-1-1 Higashida Yahata-higashiku Kitakyushu-city
Admission fee
4-preschloors : 1,050yen
elementary school pupils:3,150yen
adults (junior high school students up to 59):4,200yen 
seniors(over 60): 2,100yen 
subject to season
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