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Sake, Japanese alcoholic beverage

Sake is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages made from fermented rice.

Today there are about 3000 manufacturers of refined Sake in Japan including 
Fukuoka and Kyushu area.


Sake is made with steamed rice, yeast of rice, malted rice, and water.
This is placed in vat, additional amounts of those ingredients are added in three cycles, 
and the mixture is left to ferment for 20 days.
After fermentation the mixture is ready for pressing, figuration, and blending.
The Sake is then pasteurized, butted, and stored.
The alcohol content of crude Sake is about 40 proofs; Sake on the markets is about 
32 proofs.

A good-quality Sake has a subtle blend of so-called five flavors (sweetness, 
sourness, pungency, bitterness and astringency) and a mellow fragrance.


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