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Kyushu Travel Guide

Field trip of International Christian University (ICU)

International Christian University
Field trip for foreign students 
was performed on Feb 25 through 27 in Kitakyushu and Nagasaki.
Learning themes
Japan’s industry development history
Global Environment issue
World peace
1st day in Kitakyushu, stay in Kokura
・2nd day in Kitakyushu, stay in Nagasaki
3rd day in Nagasaki
●Tour guide and attendant
 Masa Kondo who is managing director of Japan Kyushu Tourist 
performed the tour as a tour guide and attendant through the entire tour. 
He has expertise and experience in the technical field having worked 
in the steel making company as mechanical engineer.



Result of the tour

1st day   (Kitakyushu

Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery


  Introducing Kitakyushu and learning the history of Kitakyushu.

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

  Learning the Japan’s Industrial modernization and history of steel 
  industry and environmental issue.

Moji Port area
    Learning history of Japan’s Industrial modernization and 
  sightseeing at Moji Port. 


2nd day  (Kitakyushu)

Kitakushu Eco-town
   Introducing Eco-town and established companies at Eco-town, and 
 learning recycling businesses. 
Visiting the Vending machine recycle 
  center and the Wind mill power generator.

Lunch at Rever Walk  

    Enjoyed sightseeing at Kokura Castle after lunch.
Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal  Yawata Works
  Visiting the raw material unloading port, Tobata No.4 Blast Furnace and 
  Hot Strip Mill.
・Transfer to Nagasaki

 After dinner, Enjoyed night view from Mt. Inasa called the 
  World’s three great night view

3rd day  (Nagasaki)
The Mitsubishi Archives
  Introducing Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and learning history of shipping 
  industry modernization.

Peace Park,  Atomic bomb Hypocenter, Atomic bomb Museum

 Learning of World Peace
Site of the Martyrdom of the 26 of Saints of Japan and 
  Oura Catholic Church


  Learning of history of Japan’s Christianity.
Glover Garden
 Learning history of Japan’s Industry modernization.




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