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Peace Fountain at Nagasaki Peace Park


Peace Fountain reminds us of the tragic scene unfolded shortly after America dropped

the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki at 11:02 am on Aug. 09, 1945.
With the completion of the Peace Fountain on Aug. 3, 1969, a monument inscribed with an

epitaph was constructed. Many people were burned deeply and died, crying and groaning

for water. When people recovered their peaceful life in 1965, a campaign for a Peace Fountain 

was launched.

Recorded on the monument are the name of the founder including the People’s Congress for

Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and Promotion of Peace and the Committee for the Construction

of the Peace Fountain.



Part of the epitaph reads as follows: To those who visit this place today. 
May you offer prayers to console the souls of those killed and promote peace.


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