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Torii Shinto Shrine gate (鳥居)

Is there any special meaning in the Torii Shinto Shrine gate?

Torii is a gate-like structure placed at key point in the path leading to 
the Shinto shrine.
It is very unique for the vermilion torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine to 
stand in the sea.
Itsukushima Shrine                     Nakatsu Shrine at Oshima
It consists of two standing pillars, with two horizontal beams, one a little 
above the other.
It symbolically separates the holy world inside from the 
secular world outside.
            Miyajidake Shrine                  Usa Shrine
The torii is derived from its homophone “tori” which means bird flying in the sky.
It is said to have originated as a perch for sacred birds within the shrine precincts.

                 厳島神社                   宗像大社

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