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We are the Japan Travel specialist to Fukuoka and Kyushu


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Kyushu Travel Guide

About us


Japan KYUSHU Tourist is the private tour specialist in Fukuoka and Kyushu


Kyushu is the destination like a Treasure Chest of Japan, there are a lot of things what you

never seen and experienced.


We are offering the following customized private tours


 Tailor-made tour   up to  45 pax


A chartered vehicle is utilized and foreign language speaking guide is attended

Foreign language speaking driver for a taxi or jumbo taxi can be organized


 Self-guided tour    up to 9pax


A chartered taxi with 4 seats or jumbo taxi with 9 seats with foreign language speaking

driver (English, Chinese or Korean) is organized



 Golf tour    up to 30 pax


Golf courses, transportation, accommodation, and sightseeing tour are organized



 Study tour   up to 45 pax


Customized study tour in accordance with the request.



 Company profile  


・Company name : Japan KYUSHU Tourist Co., Ltd

・Establishment : April 25, 2008

・Registration No. : Registered Travel Agency by Fukuoka No.3-688

・Capital : 10,500,000yen

・CEO : Masa Kondo
・Address : 6thF AIM Building 3-8-1 Asano Kokura-kitaku Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

・Phone number : +81-93-521-8897

・Fax number : +81-93-521-8898 ・E-mail : info@japan-kyushu-tourist.com

・Business hours : Monday-Saturday 9:30-18:30

・Holiday : Sunday and national holiday




Masa Kondo, Founder and Managing Director of Japan KYUSHU Tourist,

introducing oversea travelers to Kyushu.


I was born and grew up in Nagasaki-prefecture where one of the most fascinating

tourist destination in Kyushu and worked in Nippon Steel which is the leading Steel

making company in the world. Therefore founder has expertise and experience in

the technical field and visited many countries such as Argentina, Brazil, USA, Korea,

China, Finland and South Africa.

While working oversea country, it occurred to Masa Kondo that the fascinating

Fukuoka and Kyushu have to be introduced to many travelers who come from all

over the world.


In 2008, Masa Kondo has founded Japan KYUSHU Tourist in Kitakyushu-city,



 Our company’s Advantages  


 Location of the office  

Our office is located in Fukuoka at the gate way to Kyushu, when you arrive, we always

welcome you at the airport or designated place, and have a belief meeting before starting the tour.


 Local information  

We have a lot of new local information on the each destinations which are not obtained from

the website. We are always visiting all over Kyushu where customer want to travel including

hidden gems for making enjoyable customized tours, and also we are also traveling any other

areas of Kyushu as a tour guide and tour conductor.


 Study tour  

The Founder, Masa Kondo has expertise and experience in the technical field ; he worked in

Nippon Steel as a Mechanical Engineer involved in the design of Steelmaking plant and

development of environmental technologies. Therefore we can offer the study tour in the

Industrial field including Environment and Recycling & Waste treatment.


 Golf tour  

The hobby of the Masa Kondo is Golf and who knows the difference of the Golf culture 

between Japan and Europe because he played at many courses in other countries included

in South Africa. Therefore we can offer the excellent courses to suite your requirement

and organize enjoyable tour without any problems for playing golf.




Should you need further information please feel free to contact us.

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You can also contact us by e-mail at info@japan-kyushu-tourist.com

Tel :  +81-93-521-8897 , Fax :  +81-93-521-8898

Address :  AIM buiding 6th floor, 3-8-1 Asano, Kokura-kitaku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture