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We are a specialist of Fukuoka and Kyushu tour


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You can contact us by E-mail

We would also love to chat about your travel plans on the phone.
 ☎ +81-93-521-8897


For making your travel plan, please tell us the following 


1. What level of accommodation would you like?
  Styles accommodation; Japanese style inn called 
  Ryokan or Western style hotel 
  Levels of accommodation; 
   comfort  (3 star ), superior (4 star), or deluxe (5 star)

2. What transport would you like to use?  
  This can include a wide variety of options depending on 
  your destination and number of pax such as chartered 
  vehicles or public transportation.

3. Do you require a tour guide?
  We offer a tour guide

  languages : English, Chinese, or Korean.


4. Do you want to play golf?

    Golfing can be included to play at magnificent golf courses 

    or hidden gems courses.   

5. Do you want to include Japanese cultural experience?  
  We offer Japanese cultural experience such as dressing in Kimono, tea

  ceremony and rickshaw riding at Kokura Castle.


6. What other excursions would you like to include?
  We can arrange various excursions such as fruits picking, Sake brewery, 

  boat cruising, cycling, trekking, shopping as well as farm stay.   

  Please tell us if you have any particular activities or hobbies

  you would like to experoence.


7. Meals
  We offer Japanese cuisines, special local cuisines, 
  Japanese local beefs as well as food stalls.