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Glover Garden


Glover Garden is located on Minami-Yamate hill in Nagasaki-city, Glover Garden has nine

Western style buildings including the Glover’s Residence built in 1863 by Japanese carpenter

Koyama Hidenoshin. The Glover Residence is Japan’s oldest wooden Western-style building

and is the UNESCO Wlorld Heritage registered in 2015 as Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution Site.


Tomas Glover Residence,

World Heritage

Former Mitsubishi second

dock house

Overlooking of Nagasaki


Glover’s arms-importing operations played an important part in the Meiji Restoration, he built the 
first train line in Japan and he even helped establish the first modern Mitsubishi ship yard.


Inside of the residence

Nagasaki harbor view from Glover Gargen

Venus Bridge

Mitsubishi Heavey Industries,

repair dock

Giant Cantilever Crane,

World Heritage


Golver Residence is generally believed to have been the scene of Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly.

Inside the park is the life-size statue of the famous opera singer, Tamaki Miura, who received

international acclaim for her performance as Cho-Cho-san in Madam Butterfly.




General information

Address 8-1 Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki-city

10 minutes walk from Oura tensyudo-mae tram station

through in front of Oura Cathedral

Open hours 8:00 to 18:00, until 21:00 in summer time and peak season
Admission fee JPY 610
Days closed No closing days



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