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International University of Japan Field trip in Nagasaki


Type of the tour : Study tour

Customer International University of Japan

Participant 30 International Studens and professor from Myanmar

Schedule : June 19 through 21, 2018

Where to visit : Nagasaki

Tour conductor and interpretor ; Masa Kondo, Japan KYUSHU Tourist

     Tour guide :  Licensed English speaking guide

What to learn

Japanese industry at the end of 19th century was 200years behind.

After Mathew C Perry came to Japan in 1853, Japan’s industrial Revolution was started.

Since Japan’s modern Steel Industry operation commenced In 1901 in Kitakyushu, Japan became

the world’s leading industrialized country in only 100 years.

In this Field trip, let’s learn how Japan has become the world’s most industrialized country.



Tour result

Day 1, June 19

・Max Toki : Urasa 8:25→Tokyo 10:04

・Monoral : Hamamatsu 10:28 →Haneda 10:42

・SNA 35 : Haneda 13:00→ Nagasaki 14:55

・Transfer to Nagasaki

・Visit Dejima : Learn the history of Japan’s National Isolation period.

・Stay at Hotel Wingport Nagasaki



Day 2, June 20

・Visit Nagasaki city hall

   Learn the Nagasaki-city Economic Growth Strategy

・Transfert to Sasebo

・Huis Ten Bosch Environmental tour

    Learn Cogeneration system and Sewage water treatment system

・Sightseeing Huis Ten Bosch

・Nasgasaki Night view from Mt. Inasa

   One of the World’s three greatest night views

・Stay at Hotel Wingport Nagasaki



Day 3, June 21

・World Peace Learning

   Peace Park

Ground Zero, the Place where Atomic bomb dropped at 11:02, Aug. 9, 1945

  Atomic Bomb Museum

・Glover Garden and Glover house

    Learn the Japan’s Industrial modernization

・Lunch (Yume town Yumesaito)

・Transfer to Nagasaki Airport          

・SNA 40 Nagasaki 15:30→ Haneda17:10

・Transfer to IUJ by chartered bus

・Arrive at IUJ



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