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Low Carbon Sosiety tour in Kitakyushu

Kitakyushu-city is promoting the low carbon society in Asia while taking leadership as the

Environmental Future City.  The new generation technologies and the activities cooperated

with Citizen to achieve low carbon society can be learned.



Tour conditions 


The tour is the tailor-made study tour exclusively for your group

What to learn

  To learn the Low Carbon Society strategy in Kitakyushu-city

Number of perticipant : from 5 to 40

Tour duration : one-day  

Tour guide and interpreter (English ) : Japan KYUSHU Tourist

Transportation : a chartered vehicle





8:30 leave hotel in Kitakyushu

Eco Town Center

Zero Emission Transportation System

Wind Power Generation 


Kyushu Electric Power / Shin-Kokura Plant

Citizen community Center 

17:30 arrive Hotel in Kitakyushu


Option : the following sites can be arranged as option.


Hibikinada Biotope



Where to visit and what to learn


Eco Town Center

Eco Project information center that supports the Eco-town.  It introduces initiatives and activities

implemented in Eco-town to encourage people to proactively used the facility for such activities

as environmental study sessions and interaction amongst visitors.

 Introduce Eco Town Project

 in Kitakyushu-city

 Exhibition hall

  Introduce Recycling business

  in Kitakyushu-city


Zero Emission Transportation System

The Electric bus driven by the electricity generated by a solar power generation, therefor no global

warming gases emitted from the bus. Operation of the system is commenced in 2015. 

The solar power generation plant, the power charging equipment and Electric bus can be observed.

  Solar Power Generation

   Electric bus

   Inside of Electric bus


Wind Power Generation 

Japan’s first Wind power generation plant constructed at the coast line facing windy strong

Hibikinada sea. 10 wind power generators line up and total generation capacity is 15,000kw.   


 Wind power generations

 faceing to Genkai Sea


 Blades of Wind power



 Basement portion of Wind

 power generation


Kyushu Electric Power / Shin-Kokura Plant

Kyushu’s first thermal power plant used LNG and power generation capacity is 1,800,000kw.  

Generation of electricity process can be learned by visiting the turbine room, control room and

boiler plant.

 Located next to Nippon Steel,

 there are LNG tanks

 Over view of thermal power

 generation plant

 Boiler plant for making steam


Citizen community Center 

Introduce the Duties of Citizen and Self-government organization for making Low Carbon Society.

 Introduce the duties of Citizen &

 Self-government organization

 Learning how to clean the

 town by Citizen 

 Learning how to make the

 community for comfortable town 





The company have been supplying low-cost and reliable electricity for over 60 years.  

And research and development of the environmental measurement have been conducted.

New solar power generation and wind power generation systems can be learned.

New solar power generation,

to move following the position

of the sun

Panels of solar power


Research & development of

next generation low-carbon


Hibikinada Biotope

Japan’s largest Biotope, the Pradise of creatures made over the year in the waste disposal site.   

237 kind of birds including circus spinouts listed on the Japan’s endangered species and 284 kind

of vegetation have been confirmed in the Biotope of 41 hectares.


 Biotope was created  from

 waste disposal land 


  Lake in the middle of Biotope

  237 kind of birds including

  circus have been confirmed


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