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Mount Aso


The largest active volcano in Japan


Its peak is 1592 m above sea level. Its caldera is 25 km across north to south and 18 km 

across east to west.

The caldera has a circumference of around 120 km, although sources vary on the exact distance.


The central cone group of Aso consists of five mountains: Mt.Naka, Mt.Neko, Mt.Taka, Mt. Eboshi,

and Mt.Kishima.  Last major eruption of Mt. Naka was in 1993.



Exploring Munt Aso

        To the Ropeway station

              Ropeway station

     To the Crater of Naka-dake


                  Around Crater 

                  Around Crater 

                  Shrine on top



         Look down the Crater




            West side of Crater

          Central area of Crater

             East side of Crater



General information

Address Aso-city, Aso-gun Takamoricho and Minami-Aso Village

30 minutes by a vehicle from JR Miyaji Station

80 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

60 minutes by a vehicle from Takachiho

2 hours and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

2 hours and 50 minutes by a vehicle from Kitakyushu-city


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