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Study tour for Singapore students


SERANGOON Junior College Students


Date : June 05 through 11, 2018

Paticipant : 38 person ( 33 students, 4 teachers, 1 tour leader )

Lecturer for Environment, Industry and Geography

   Masa Kondo ( Managing director of Japan KYUSHU tourist  )



Day 1, June 5

 Arrive at Fukuoka airport

 Ureshino Osen foot bath

 Nagasaki Meteorological Station

 Nagasaki Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum

 Stay at Nagasaki


Day 2, June 6

 Genkai Energy Park

 Eco Town Center

 Plastic PET Bottle recycle

 Wind Plower Genaration

 Solar Power Generation

 Stay at Kitakyushu


Day 3, June 7 

 Toyota Motor Kyushu

 Ino River investigation

 Stay at Kitakyushu


Day 4, June 8

Chabondama Soap Company

Lunch at Harmonie CINQ

TOTO Museum

Kokura Castle

Stay at Kitakyushu


Day 5, June 9

Hiraodai Senbutsu Limestone Cave

Hiraodai Karst Plateau

Lunch at Hiraodai Country Park

Sone Tideland

Stay at Kitakyushu


Day 6, June 10

Dazeifu tenmangu Shrine

Lunch at Dazaifu

Kyushu National Museum

Shopping at Hakata

Stay at Munakata


Day 7, June 11

10:00 Back to Singapore by SQ655



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