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Causes of the Martyrdom of 26 Saints

  In 1596, the Spanish ship San Felipe, heading from the Philippines to Mexico, washed ashore on the Tosa-Urato coa …

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Gyudon, 牛丼

  Gyudon is a Japanese dish in which thinly sliced beef and onions are simmered in sweet and spicy sauce such as so …

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Fruits picking in Chikugo region

  The Chikugo Plain, where spreads along the Chikugo River basin, is the most prosperous agricultural region in Fuk …

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Hoshino village, in Yame

  Latest information

  The most beautiful village in Japan. Located in the south-eastern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, and east side of Ya …

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Tonkatsu, 豚カツ

  Tonkatsu is the pork cutlet, which is a Japanese dish made of thick slices of pork loin or fillet coated with flo …

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Tensho youth mission to Europe

  In 1582, four youth boarded a ship bound for Europe at Nagasaki Port. They were dispatched as representatives of …

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Udon, うどん

  Udon is a representative dish of Japan that has been eaten for a long time and is one of the popular lunch menus. …

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Tonkotsu ramen, 豚骨ラーメン

  Tonkotsu ramen is a local dish representing Fukuoka-prefecture. Meaning of Tonkotsu ramen is pork born soup noodl …

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Opening the port created Christian town Nagasaki

  Nagasaki Port was opened in 1570 by Sumitada Omura, who was the first feudal lord in Japan to be baptized as a Ch …

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Christian missionary work in Nagasaki

  Christian missionary activities in Japan began after Francis Xavier came to Hirado in 1550. The Jesuit missionari …

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