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Kurosaki Gion Yamagasa

Kurosaki Gion Yamagasa is a summer event which has been held since the
17th century as a festival to honour the Kumate-suga Shrine and Fujita-suga Shrines.
The theme of this festival is the welcoming of the first God into the Sasa.

Yamagasa (festival float decorated with bamboo grass). 

The Sasa Yamagasa is then carried around each town while prayers are said for 
good health
, a plentiful harvest and for the eradication of virulent contagious diseases.
After the parade in each town, the Sasa Yamagasa is dismantled, and is then 
refashioned into the Ningyo Yamagasa (Doll Float) which is decorated with 
beautiful dolls. 
The colored Ningyo Yamagasa is lit up at night and becomes a vivid spectacle.
The highlight of the festival is when the illuminated Ningyo Yamagasa gyrates, 
and the various colors of the dolls mingle and scatter alternately.
In the climax, the Yamagasa seems to gradually evolve into a dancing object,
and this produces great excitement among the spectators.

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