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Sushi is the most popular Japanese traditional cuisine in the world what we would like 
serve you and
made of vinegared rice, usually topped with other ingredients including fish (cooked or uncooked) and vegetables.

Historically. Sushi was a dish only eaten on special occasion such as festivals or 
parties for congratulating people on promotion, engagements or graduations.

These day, there are a lot of cheap, fast sushi restaurants including Kaiten-sushi 
restaurant, which offer run-of-the-mill sushi.

There are a few distinct terms used at sushi restaurant.
For example;
・the part of tuna with a lot of fat is called Toro
・ginger is gari, soy sauce is murasaki
・hot green tea is agari.

Here are some tips to really bring out the sushi’s delicious taste.
First, hold sushi upside down in your chopsticks and dip it in a little 
soy sauce.

But never dip omelet sushi or vinegared fish sushi in soy sauce.

Also, eat ginger when you have fish sushi.
It kills fishy smell and clears the taste on your tongue.
It is said that ginger also help to reduce the hot favor of wasabi.

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