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International University of Japan field trip in Okinawa

Field trip in Okinawa 

International University of Japan (国際大学)
The International University of Japan is a private university located in 
Minamiuonuma city in Niigata Prefecture.
The IUJ campus has an extremely diverse student body, with students from all over the 
world. In any given academic year there are students from about 50 countries

Participant : 49students from 20 African countries 
● Date : December 19 through 22, 2016, 3night 4days
● transportation : 2 chartered large size bus
● What to learn
   Economy, Industris including IT, Education, Culture, and History in Okinawa

【December 19】Day1
  8:28 Depart Urasa in Nigata → 15:45 Arrive at Naha airport
  visit SAN-A Naha Main Place
  18:30 arrive at Hotel Route Inn Naha Tomariko
  Dinner at Kokusai dori

【December 20】Day 2
8:00 leave hotel 

visit IT Shinryo Park, including Okinawa Software Center and Lexues
  The new IT base for developing the advenced software.

lunch Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom

Okinawa Churaumi Aquaeium
 The second largest aquarium in the world opened in 2002, located in Motobu, 
  Under the concept of “encountering the water of Okinawa” the aquarium is home to 
  around 740 species and 21,000 marine life

19:00 arreve at Hotel

【December 21】Day 3
 8:30 leave Hotel
visit OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)
 The university is an interdisciplinary graduate school established in 2005 in Onna. 
 The school offers a 5-year PhD program in Science.  

 lunch at Nakayukui Market 

 visit beach

 visit Shuri Castle
 Shuri Castle known as ” Gusuku”, which is unique in Okinawa, built on the 
 upland 120 meters above sea level, this world heritage-listed castle overlooks 
 Naha City, the capital of the Okinawa prefecture.

 17:30 arrive at Hotel

【December 22】Day 4
 9:30 leave Hotel to Naha airport by the Monorail
 Naha to Haneda by ANA462
 Tokyo to Urasa by Max Toki
 17:30 arrive at International University of Japan

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