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Kunisaki Peninsula listed on the World Agricultural Heritage

Kunisaki Peninsula, began to develop 1,300 years ago as a sacred religious 
ground influenced by mountain and nature worship, Buddhism, and Usa shrine 
rising in the region.
Here remains in Bungotakada city the historical background for “home of prayer” 
consecrating en mass the Shinto deity, Buddha, and ancestral spirit.
And one of major industry is agriculyure and all area is listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.  

 Unique mountain at Onieno sato     Kumano Magaibutu                Buddha statue at Makino-odo

                 World Agricultural Heritage

       Cape of Flower, Nagasaki-bana, seasonal flower can be enjoyed

               Fukiji Tempel, the oldest wooden main hall building in entire Kyushu    

   Futagoji Temple, located in the center of Kunisaki Peninsula and the headquarters of Rokugo Manzan

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