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Japanese religion


Japan’s indigenous religion is Shinto. It is an ethnic religion that has continued from

Japan’s ancient times to the present day, and has permeated all aspects of Japanese

life and culture, and has the energy to accept foreign cultures including religions and

transform them into a Japanese style.



Unlike many religions, it has no founder or scripture, and is based on the idea that God

resides in all things. It is an animistic, ancestral spirit-worshipping folk religion that focuses

on myths, eight million gods, nature and natural phenomena.


Japanese Buddhism was introduced through China in the 5th century and is a religion

that has now been incorporated into Japanese life along with Shinto.

What surprises many foreigners is that Japanese people visit shrines and temples.
The reason is that there are two religions in Japan. Shinto and Buddhism have
influenced each other over many years and have become integrated into Japanese life.
Japanese people worship an idol called Hotoke and are in awe of an invisible being
called Kami. I don’t find it strange that I go to Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. ”

 - About Japan