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Ureshino Onsen is a hot spring town in south-western Saga Prefecture. Its clear Onsen 

waters are high in sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride and feel extremely smooth

on skin, giving rise to its popularity as a “Bihada no Yu” ( beautiful skin waters).


Visitors to Ureshino can try the local waters at the Siebold-No-Yu, a public bath house

with gender-segregated pools, named after the 19th century German scientist who enjoyed

bathing in the town during his stay in Japan. Furthermore, there are over 30 hotels and 




Ureshono tea, local speciality

Ureshino is famous for its tea. Terraces of tea fields sprawling out one after the next is

a scene typical of Ureshino. Proper cultivation of Ureshino Tea was begun between

1648 and 1651 by tea grower, Jinbei Yoshimura, who is even sung about in the local folk

songs. Tea seeds were gathered from Mount Sefuri and planted in the mountainous region

of Ureshino Onsen, ideal as a tea growing area.






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