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Ibusuki Onsen resort


Ibusuki is an Onsen Resort that is famous for its sand baths, where bathers are buried in

naturally heated sand.


    Sand Bath Hall

        Sand Bath, Kinko bay

                 Sand Bath


The town encompasses the southern tip of the Satsuma Peninsula, and the main downtown area is

along the coast facing Kinko bay.


         Ibusuki JR Station

                 Foot Bath

            Down town


            Onsen Hotel

             Kinko bay


            Kinko bay



General information on Ibusuki-city  


City hall ; 2424 Juchu Ibusuki-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

Access 1 hour and 40 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima Airport

50 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima-chuo JR Station

55 minutes by JR Express train from Kagoshima-chuo JR Station

1 hour and 15 minutes by local train from from Kagoshima-chuo JR Station




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