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Japanese Christianity


Japanese Christianity has a unique history of continuing faith while coexisting 

with Japanese Religion Shinto and General society.


History of Japanese Christianity 

Christian history in Japan was started when St. Francis

Xavier came to Japan as a first Christian missionary in 1549.

Here we introduce the history of Christianity from the time

it spread to Japan until the present day.


Churches and Cathedrals

Nagasaki Port was opened and the first Portuguese ship arrived in 1571.

And development of the town of cape was started as Christian town in 1571

and many Churches were constructed in Nagasaki.

However, due to the Tokugawa Shogunate’s Ban on Christianity in 1614,

most of the church buildings were destroyed.

Since ban on the Christianity was lifted in 1873, new Christian history in

Japan has begun and many Churches and Cathedrals have been constructed.


Christian Pilgrimage sites

Then Christianity was spread in Nagasaki region. However, unparalleled

hidden Cristian history was started from when Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Shogunate proclaimed Christian ban in 1587. During ban on Christianity,

people secretly continued to faith while surviving in the midst of the

conventional society and Japanese religions.  And many Christians were

also martyred during this period. Here we introduce the history of the ban

on Christianity, including the places of martyrdom and museums.


Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan

26 Saints are first martyrs in Japan.

26 Christians arrested in Kyoto who were consisted of 20 Japanese,

4 Spaniards,1 Mexican, and 1 Portuguese. They walked from Kyoto

to Nagasaki in January and February 1597.

How great were the physical and mental suffering of those 26 men

who were forced to march all the way from Kyoto to Nagasaki during

these cold winter days, and they all ascended to heaven at Nishizaka

Hill on Februay 05. 



 - Japanese Christianity