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Kitakyushu & Nagasaki Field trip for ICU students


Customer :  International Christian University ( ICU )

Participant : 19 person (17 Studens,  professor from Canada and Univrsity staff)

Student countries of origin : Philippines, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan,


Schedule : November 25 to 27, 2019

Where to visit : Kitakyushu and Nagasaki

Tour guide ; Masa Kondo, Japan KYUSHU Tourist


What to learn

1. Industrial modernization

  Japanese industry at the end of 19th century was 200years behind.

  After Mathew C Perry came to Japan in 1853, Japan’s industrial Revolution was started.

  Japan became the world’s leading industrialized country in only 100 years.

  In this tour, to learn how Japan has become the world’s most industrialized country.

2. World Peace

  Disastrous War must not be repeated. The Atomic bomb exploded in Nagasaki at 11:02 a.m. 

  on August 9, 1945. to swear World Peace from Nagasaki.

3. Japan’s Christianity

  Japanese Christianity has a long history of continuing faith while coexisting with Japanese

  traditional religion Shinto and General society.

  Japan’s unique practice of the Christian faith continued even during the ban on Christianity.

  Hidden Christian Site in Nagasaki regions bear unique testimony to the tradition of people and their

  communities who secretly transmitted their faith in Christianity while surviving in the midst of the

  conventional society and its religions during the time of prohibition.






Day 1, November 25

SFJ75  Haneda 9:10→Kitakyushu 11:00

Mojiko Retro, lunch included

Kokura Castle

Makiyama Higashi Citizen Center

Mt. Sarakura, night view

 Arrive at Hotel, Comfort Hotel Kokura


Day 2, November 26  

9:00 Leave hotel

Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery& Studio

Higashida No1 Blast Furnace

UNESCO World Heritage, Meiji Japan’s Industrial revolution / First Head office of Steel Works  

Transfer to Nagasaki

World Peace learning in Nagasaki-city

 Atomic Bomb Museum

Ground Zero ( Pope Francis visit on Nov24)

Peace Park

17:30   Arrive at Hotel, Hotel Wing Port Nagasaki


Day 3, November 27  

9:00  Leave Hotel

Mt. Inasa, by Ropeway

Martyrdom of the 26 Saint of Japan ( Pope Francis visit on Nov 24)

26 Martyrs Museum

Lunch at Dejima wharf


Oura Cathedral

Glover Garden

17:00  Arrive at Hotel, Hotel Wing Port Nagasaki


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