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Kyushu study tour for Indian customer


Type of the tour : Study tour

Country of customer :  Indian / Bhagwant University Ajmer

Number of participant : 4 person

Schedule : September 27 through 30, 2019

Transportation : Chartered jumbo taxi

Tour guide : Masa Kondo, Japan KYUSHU Tourist

Where to explore

 Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Unzen, Shimabara, Nagasaki



Tour result


Day 1, Sep 27

7:40  Arrive at Fukuoka Airport by D7 838

Fukuoka University visit


Fukuoka District Court

Transfer to Kitakyushu

Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery


Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace


UNESCO World Heritage, Imperial Head Office


Kokura Castle

Dinner at Indian restaurant in Fukuoka-city


Stay at Hotel in Fukuoka



Day 2, Sep 28

8:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Unzen

Foot bath, Hot foot 105, Japan’s longest

Souvenior Shop in Obama Onsen


Mount Unzen


Nita Pass


Lunch at Indian restaurant in Shimabara, TAJ MAHAL


Atomic Bomb Museum


Peace Statue


Stay at Hotel in Fukuoka



Day 3, Sep 29

Sightseeing by themselves

Stay at hotel in Fukuoka



Day 4, Sep 30

5:00 leave hotel

Retern to India



What our Customer have to say


Bhagwant University Delegation Returns from Japan Visit

Dean (International) Prof. Mathur and Dy Registrar Dr Rajoriya informed that the four

member delegate has returned from Japan visit. The delegate members included

Dr Anil Singh, Chairman, Dr Asha Singh, Vice ChairPerson, Prof. V.K. Sharma, President,

and Ajay Goyal, Chartered Accountant and Finance Officer. During the September 27-30 visit,

the delegates members met Prof. Atsushi Otsu the Director (International Program) of

Fukuoka University. The program was organized and coordinated by Ms Kana IDE and

Mr. Masa Kondo of Japan Kyushu Tourist Co., Fukuoka.


The delegate visited Central Library and met the officials there. The University library is fully

automated and houses more than 40 million books in Engineering, Medicine, Management,

Pharmacy and other faculties.

The team members visited District Court of Fukuoka which also houses Family Court.

The actual court chamber was seen and explained by the PRO of Court. A book describing

the Court System in Japan was also handed to Indian delegates.

The Bhagwant University delegates also visited Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery, Higashida

Blast Furnace, World Heritage Site, Imperial Head Office, Yahata Port. Next day the delegate

visited Mount Unzen, Nita Pass, and Unzen Jigoku traditional village and also used warm

water spring. The other places visited by the delegates included Feugandake Eruption

Disaster Center, Shimbara Castle, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Fukuoka Tower,

Shofukuji Temple, Tochoji Temple.


Japan is famous for Heavy Machinery, Electronic Goods, Mobile, Laptop and other advanced

technological innovations. The delegates stayed at Axis Hakata and WeBase Youth Hostel.  

The people of Japan are friendly and cooperative and experience of the delegates was great.

The Bhagwant University Officials thanked the Fukuoka counterparts for their excellent stay

and exposure to Japanese cultural, technical and managerial skills to be adopted by Indian system.



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