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Sotome Pilgrimage sites


Sotome is located between Nagasaki-city and Saikai-city, and face to East China Sea. 

During the ban on Christianity from 17 century to end of the 19 century, Sotome was

home to communities of  “Hidden Christians”, many of whom emigrated there from

other parts of Nagasaki as the remote region allowed them to practice their religion

in secret.

French missionary Father Marc Marie de Rotz played a large role in reestablishing the

religion in the area. He established Shitsu Church on a hill overlooking the sea.



Shitsu Church

On an elevation commanding a view over the Sea of Goto, Father Marc Marie de Rotz

established a church at his own expense 1882. The building was extended and renovated

again and again. A statue of Mary that he ordered from France is standing in the bell tower.



Former Shitsu Aid Center        

I want to save people in the Sotome from poor life. Former Shitsu Aid Centeris indispensable in

talking about the history and culture of the region.



Endo Shusaku Literary Museum         

The setting of Endo Shusaku’s novel Silence. Sotome is blessed with a unique history and

culture of Christianity. In particular, the area in which the Endo Shusaku Literary Museum

stands is known as the site of a Christian village, one of Endo’s most notable work, Silence.



The Church is located in Kurosaki district, where was place of the setting for Endo Shusaku’s

novel Silence. In 1897, the foundations were laid down according to Father de Rotz’s design.

Construction followed and in 1920 the church was completed. The followers built it brick by

brick with their own hands. The modest design serves to bring out the beauty of the bricks.


Around Sotome area
Michino-eki, Road Station


General information  

Address Shitsu, Nagasaki-city
Access 50 minutes by a vehicle from JR Nagasaki Station




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